By Asia Thomas

Hello, Beautiful Humans.

Recently it has been reported, speculated, and discussed amongs those in education and many others that 18 schools in Montgomery County have walked out of school for a Covid Protest due to studenta feeling unsafe in the environment.
Now, I think that every school does things differently and may not be implementing safety policies or restrictions for students.

Some students in-person, such as myself, feel safe and protected against Covid.
For many reasons that I’ll list:

– Required Vaccination cards
– Random testing Weekly
– Required Vaccination for sports
– Cleaing desk and chairs after every class period
– Double Mask

These are just a few, but it keeps us safe and less worried about being in-person, for me atleast. This is a very interesting topic to have debates and discussions about. Hearing everyones opinion is very important.

An article on Washington Post made a statement such as the one I previously stated, “The students, under the group name Students for Safe Learning, are pushing for D.C. Public Schools to test all of its population each week. They’re also requesting the district provide KN95 or N95 masks to everyone in the schools, among other demands.”

NICOLE ASBURY (D.C. students walk out to protest ‘not safe’ school covid protocols, 2022)

The type of mask you wear is crucial, certain children have heakth condidtions that don’t agree with the lack of oxygen from cloth masks, especially two masks.

I think that it is not just about the direction the schools choose, but how hygenic and clean the students consistently are. We have millions of videos, I’m sure, that show you how long you need to wash your hands, how to apply the mask, not touching your face, etc.

This situation does not bring fault to one side, if you want to protect your children they must be prepared and cautious themselves.

Thank you beautiful humans…

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