In 2021, CDMA Business Model collaborated with New York SYEP &  MBSYEP in DC to support  experiential learning  opportunities for all. With the robust Virtual Platform that supports all learners, youth were able to participate in creatively developing a  Hybrid and In-Person Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall.


With extensive training  in technology and media communications, youth were able to speak on the radio while managing a full scale event. CDMA Business Model is proud to announce that  our team won the best private sector host award for Summer 2021 in the District of Columbia.  We appreciate your continued support; to learn more about how you can join a forthcoming community event then please click here.

CDMA Business Model: Summer Youth Employment

CDMA Business Model: Summer Youth Employment Program offers a wide-array of Career Development Opportunities. Each Real World Experience is Innovative, Robust and Unique!

In Summer 2020, CDMA Business Model: Summer Youth Participants participated in a 6-Week initiative called Be About Business Together featuring the Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall: Virtual Edition.   CDMA Business Model: Be About Business Together-Summer Youth Employment Program  provides insight on how we may bridge the gap and inequities in areas that may not have sufficient traffic safety supports such as street signs, or stop lights near schools in addition to best driving practices resources for teens.  

CDMA Business Model: Summer Youth Participants  also had the opportunity to enroll into a bonus 2-Week Program focused on Career Development called “Perspective 2020”. 


Ask your local SYEP Agency to learn how you can join!

For more information about CDMA  Business Model: Be About Business Program, please click here.

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