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  1. VIP Pricing on Projects: Enjoy exclusive pricing on all audio and video production projects for an entire year. Maximize your budget while receiving top-notch, premium-quality services tailored to your brand.
  2. Networking and Event Opportunities: Connect with fellow VIP members and industry influencers at exclusive events, creating invaluable connections that extend beyond the digital realm. Elevate your network to match your ambitions.
  3. Recognition as a CDMA Business Model Academy Donor: Showcase your commitment to innovation and support for the community. Gain recognition as a key contributor to the CDMA Business Model Academy, underscoring your dedication to driving positive change.
  4. Personalized Visual Branding Package: Receive a complimentary 10-Photo Shoot, 2 Reels (up to 30 seconds each), and a Service Explainer Video (up to 2 minutes), ensuring your brand’s visual identity aligns seamlessly with your narrative.
  5. Expert Advice and Branding Support: Access personalized advice with a 30-second Expert Advice Video, helping you crystallize your brand message and positioning. Receive ongoing support for brand refinement and enhancement.
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