Logo & Animation Design

In this course, you will discover how CDMA Business Model: Design Pro Express empowers you to create Flyers, Logos & more for your next event or business!

By taking this course you will be able to quickly build on concepts and even launch your own with examples from CDMA Business Model: Design Pro Express.

For best results follow along with CDMA Business Model Advisors  and build your Design side by side for Real World Examples.

Online Presentation Brand Bundle

1 month of access

Create a Flyer or Poster; Target Audience Profiler; Focus Map Assessment; Recommended Planning; Materials; Biography Tips; Create a Cover Letter; Create a Resume; Strategy & Design; Emotional Intelligence; Creating Music for Promotions; Creating and Using .GIF; Develop a Quick Quarterly Agenda; Design an Organizational Chart; Assessing CEO K.S.A.’s

About the Course: This e-learning course outlines how you can launch campaigns by creating Business Logos, Flyers grounded in solid planning.
Length of course: 160+ hours of online lessons

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