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For Home Based Business Support

Parents of Entrepreneurs United Plan Express

1 month of access

Parents of Entrepreneurs United Plan Express with Real World Examples
Jump Start Success and Learn the 4P’s Marketing Mix and create a Home Based Business in 7 Days or less Plus! Explore how you can apply each of the 4Ps seamlessly to get your business ideas and goals in motion fast! Parents will be able to seamlessly create Business Goals, Products & Services with their Children.  Make Family Production, Fun and Exciting. EMPOWER young leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. With the following guidance and support, Parents too, can help their children thrive in the world of business.

EMPOWER your child to establish Brand Identity, Create a Prototype or Launch a Product/Service in the Real World 

ENRICH the marketplace with a viable location that connects Products/Services to Customers.

ENGAGE Customers by way of Strategy & Design to best meet the needs of those interested in your Product/Service.

EXPLORE Brand Identity like never before through a series of concepts to help with promotional opportunities.

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