Philosophy Statement

Educators are Leaders. Leaders should be avid students of their unique craft, and possess a diversified portfolio of experiences to contribute to the learning process while expanding the marketplace itself.

This will afford leaders the opportunity to maximize their human potential or become innovators in their own right. Further, allowing leaders to impact communities on a local and global level, beyond intent or subjective projection predetermined by societal ideologies of occupational definitions, or preconceived defining success factors in one particular industry.

In consideration of the aforementioned, it is imperative that we rise above the abyss of uncertainties to create manifestations that inspires the confidence to turn dreams to reality.

CDMA Business Model School Programs are built on core values that inspire, educate and provide tools for teens to become 21st Century innovators.

The overall goal of CDMA Business Model School Programs is to feature and highlight services and products created and managed by students, including but not limited to Video & Audio Production.

Educators learn how to enrich the learning experience through multi-integrated learning methods and project based learning models that are authenticated and organically created to meet the needs of the population served.

CDMA Business Model School Programs has empowered classrooms in grades PreK-12 throughout New York, Virginia and the District of Columbia for over a decade with 3 Guiding Principals: Believe. Commit. Succeed.

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