The Young & Ambitious: Cory Nieves

Highlighting Youth

CDMA Business Model prides itself on providing the youth with the necessary skills they need to succeed in the professional workplace. Through workshops, modules, and a slew of other teaching tools, those working under CDMA Business Model will learn how the best practices to launch and manage their businesses. CDMA Business Model also knows that some young teens respond better from being taught by a peer, so this is an article highlighting a young entrepreneur.

Cory Nieves – Mr. Cory’s Cookies

Riding the school bus every morning can be a drag. Having to wake up an extra hour and a half to make sure you catch the bus and eat breakfast at school can feel like torture. A car would make the morning routine so much easier. That’s the reason that lead the 6-year-old Cory Nieves, to start selling hot coca and lemonade. Nieves conquest for a car started with running a lemonade stand in the summer, and spring seasons and then transitioning to selling hot coca in the fall. At some point, his focused went from selling drinks to buy a car, to creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie using all-natural ingredients. It was an odd career shift, but one that proved to alter the course of his life indefinitely.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Big Things

 After Nieves and his mother were able to create the perfect recipe, Mr. Cory’s Cookies were born. Mr. Cory’s Cookies carry more flavors than many other cookie companies these days; you can find additional flavors like Double Dark, Oatmeal Raisin, and Sugar. Through his cookies, Nieves has been able to work with some of the nations leading companies and brands: Citibank, J. Crew, Mercedes-Benz, Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren, TOMS, Viacom, Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma and now our partner, Mr. Marcus Lemonis! To find more articles and information on how you can start your own business, visit

Photo by  Tomas Jasovsk y on Unsplash

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