This Was Not The Right Choice?!

Hello Beautiful Humans!

Listen, we all love money. We love spending it, saving it, and investing, but at the end of the day we have to be mindful of where our money is going and where it’s coming from.

I’ve recently read an article regarding erraticial spending for sport endeavors. Schools in Kentucky and Iowa, specifically, where using the billions of dollars, to be exact, 123$ billion dollars to buy outdoor tracks and renovate gym instead of using it to open the schools in order to execute a plan to recover from Covid.
It’s so crazy that people actually do things aimlessly to benefit certain students and not all students. A renovated space or new track looks pretty, but does not benefit all students, that aren’t involved in sports.

The Government even was in awe, many critics said that it violates the legislation. An official even had something to say to this, “Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, the top Democrat on the U.S. House education committee, said the money shouldn’t be used to fund athletics at the expense of academics.”



This just goes to show that the Government has learned their lessons, I hope, and that they will have discussions regarding the school priorites before transactions.

Thank you beautes.

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