CDMA Business Model: Logo & Animation Design Builds Connections

For Immediate Release July 1, 2020

Washington, DC – Every business needs a logo and, if you don’t have one already or know where to start, you need the CDMA Logo and Animation Design. Brand recognition and awareness starts with the logo. You see the swoosh, the bitten apple, and the golden arches and automatically know what brand it is associated with. As a CEO and/or Small Business Owner, you want your customers to know your business so well they recognize it with your logo also. CDMA Business Model offers instructions on how to create your own book cover, logo, and custom typography. Plus you can learn how to animate all of these with sound effects as well! For more information on CDMA Business Model or to access the logo & animation design, please visit . CDMA Business Model mission is to transcend the learning experience in Mathematics, English,

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