CDMA Business Model  Academy  of  Audio/Video Production, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship with  a Business Development Pathway launched Spring
2021. CDMA Business Model is dedicated to supporting rising career professionals on a quest to fulfill their dreams. Research shows us that less than 10 percent of those who apply for a job are working within the field that they desired when they were younger, CDMA Business Model Academy is designed with a holistic framework built on a rapid response approach to college and career readiness. With a curricula that infuses highly differentiated individualized authentic learning experiences into one’s course of study, there are endless opportunities to make real world connections. To learn more about all of CDMA Business Model Academy Pathways then please contact us.

Featured Information Technology Certification Program

CDMA Business Model Information Technology Program Enrollment Opportunities are available for Residents in the District of Columbia. Tuition Free Assistance available for applicants whose permanent address is within the boundaries of Ward 7 or Ward 8 and open to IT Focused Pathway Candidates working towards certification. To learn more about IT Focused Pathway, please click here.

Summer 2022, CDMA Business Model launched a Beta Program housed within the CDMA Business Model Information Technology Academy via the IT Focused Pathway which includes Financial Literacy Programming, Internship Placement and Certification in collaboration with DOES. Now, this Fall 2022, Students will be able to engage in a robust IT Focused Pathway for 6 weeks while taking advantage of opportunities to develop soft skills to expand opportunities to expand networks ready to hire.


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