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Virginia State University, a public, comprehensive 1890 Land Grant institution and historically black college/university, is committed to the preparation of a diverse population of men and women through the advancement of academic programs and services that integrate instruction, research, extension, and outreach. The University endeavors to meet the educational needs of students, graduating lifelong learners who are well equipped to serve their communities as informed citizens, globally competitive leaders, and highly effective, ethical professionals.

  • Student-Centered – Promoting the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students in all facets of University life.
  • Integrity – Displaying the highest degree of ethical commitment in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Engagement – Developing civically engaged citizens who value all persons and demonstrate the desire to positively impact their immediate surroundings, nation, and world.
  • Customer Service – Creating an atmosphere of respect, collegiality, and responsiveness to provide excellent service to our internal and external constituents.
  • Excellence – Utilizing a balanced approach to create a high expectation of achievement, awareness, and intellectual development among our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Scholarly Research – Conducting scholarly activity is at the forefront of our disciplines and applying translational discoveries and intellectual pursuits to benefit the community.
  • Global – Preparing globally aware citizens that respect and appreciate cultural differences of all people through service and the dissemination of knowledge to the world.
  • Teaching – Providing learning environments and activities consistent with best educational practices to create a framework where scholarship is intentional, transformational, and deepens understanding in the preparation of future leaders.
  • Diversity – Fostering a community that identifies, values, and respects differences of all people by creating a positive experience for students, faculty, staff, and the community.


VSU goal and approach is to support scholars with learning that involves a holistic experience dedicated to academic excellence and student success and engagement.

Our Approach

CDMA Business Model provided Branding Workshop supported Undergrad Students committed to Mass Communications. During our Branding Workshop  Undergrads were able to serve in a  Think Tank Forum to further develop their skills in public awareness and identity.  

Focus Area

CDMA Business Model College Readiness Training is aligned with SEL to provide a robust individualized learning experience.


Undergrads were able to engage in additional course of studies that were tailored towards their unique interest level for further career growth.

Highlighted Case Study: Accelerating Active Transportation Change

At Mason, we believe it will take all of us together to reimagine a better tomorrow. We are unapologetically focused on action, ready to take on the world’s full, messy truths so that we may learn and grow wiser from them.

Learn more about how we approach Teaching Transportation in Schools through the Accelerating Active Transportation Change Initiative, by clicking here.
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