CDMA Business Model Curriculum: Joyful Learning

CDMA Business Model define, understand, and promote equity so that we eliminate opportunity gaps and systematically interrupt institutional bias by bridging the alliance between corporate America and Youth through Applied Learning, Career and College Readiness.

English Strand

CDMA Business Model: English Curriculum enrich learning through Research, Creative Writing and Book Publishing for PreK-12.

Math Strand

CDMA Business Model: Real World Application for Math includes robust Entrepreneurship Strand in Financial Literacy.

Visual Arts Strand

CDMA Business Model: Visual Arts Curriculum well renowned real world learning experience infuses a premium Career Branding Portfolio Add-On Option.

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Online Teaching Memberships Available For Program Integration & Instructional Facilitation Join us! Let's Collaborate & Celebrate! You're in good company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Virtual Services  are available   for all CDMA Business Model Programs, Workshops,  Courses and Training.  Sign up today!

Yes! Yet, if you are an Educator, then you’re encouraged to become a  CDMA Business Model Member but it is not necessary to access our online courses.

Yes! CDMA Business Model Client Services Team will assign you a dedicated  Program Manager to support your organizational goals.

Yes! We provide custom programming and training supports for Businesses, Organizations, Schools, and Government .

However, Teachers are invited to establish membership to take advantage of  individualized programs in addition to online courses (by which no membership is needed for an online course). 

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