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Camp Diva Leadership Academy is where Black girls build sisterhood and self-esteem and deepen scholarship outside the classroom. For over two decades, we have supported more than 1500 girls in a culturally curated space that encourages Black girls to take their rightful place as leaders. Parents often share that Camp Diva is the camp they needed when they were young, and they are thrilled that we can provide the resources their girls need to thrive today.

Participants will discover amazing places, and take fascinating detours on their personal journey and route together. Girl will discover themselves, the community and the power of sisterhood as they explore the world of being a girl in a more fair and empowering way!


Our Approach

CDMA Business Model Foundation Supports for Executives and Nonprofit Leaders empowers communities on a national level. With the importance of making a position impact in society, CDMA Business Model shares insight best brand strategy and operational practices to grow organizations.

Focus Area

CDMA Business Model services for Nonprofits not only supports an individualized learning experience but positions organizations to trailblaze a path for innovation. 



Camp Diva is now Camp Diva Academy which is housed within nationally recognized Girls for Change Organization; please learn more about how you can support by clicking here.

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