CDMA Business Model is an innovative experiential learning educational system that serves as   an interchangeable collaborative platform that develops private and public sector entities   through online courses, virtual and in-person skill-based training with equity components to   establish social responsibility in society.
By 2023, CDMA Business Model Curricula Goal is based on integrating Creativity Strands in Math, English and Visual Arts    available for school systems to support Students with Special Disabilities in making real   world connections for informed pro-active decision-making in long-term career choices.   CDMA Business Model: Entrepreneurship Program is designed to provide the ultimate real world experience in schools. Now, teachers can catapult learning opportunities into a world of exploration by learning how to make real world connections through best business marketing and advertising practices that supports all subject areas. 

Our  team is pro-active in the community and supports methods that educate families and businesses about  traffic safety. In 2021, CDMA Business Model collaborated with New York SYEP &  MBSYEP in DC to support  experiential learning  opportunities for all. With the robust Virtual Platform that supports all learners, youth were able to participate in creatively developing a  Hybrid and In-Person Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall.

With extensive training  in technology and media communications, youth were able to speak on the radio while managing a full scale event. CDMA Business Model is proud to announce that  our team won the best private sector host award for Summer 2021 in the District of Columbia.  

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Vacancy Notices

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