NEW! Opportunity for Innovators: Traffic Safety 2020

Applications are now closed for Traffic Safety 2020 sponsored by CDMA Business Model.

The awards are granted to new business start-up initiatives doing innovative work that would best support awareness in safe transportation passage to schools.  Traffic Safety 2020 is focused in the area of Fashion, Cosmetics and Accessories particularly using glow in the dark or reflective materials to illuminate pedestrians on their walking commute.

For this year’s Traffic Safety 2020 Initiative, five  awards will be granted:

  • Two for a new project to establish proof of concept;

  • Three for a new product launch;

The awards range between $200-$1,000 to cover initial expenses and  Awardees will be featured in all applicable informational material that highlights Traffic Safety 2020

                                                                                                  CONGRATULATIONS TO RECIPIENTS   OF THE TRAFFIC SAFETY 2020 AWARDS 
                                                                                                                 NEW INITIATIVE  FOR 2021 WILL BE  POSTED SOON
The Jaylen Brand
Washington, DC

Creative Braids by Rhonda
Washington, DC

Layas Collection
Washington, DC



CDMA Business Model; Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall  Committee  geared up to EMPOWER Innovators to launch initiatives to support the launch of projects that will illuminate pedestrians   in high traffic areas.   CDMA  Business Model: Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall  features Visual Arts Showcases to help young leaders make real world connections through Photography, Music, Fashion and Entrepreneurship. The goal is to creatively engage the Transportation Industry in ways that supports safe passage in Traffic Routes to Schools while addressing concerns proposed by all stakeholders  in collaboration with organizations that are committed to youth leadership. For more information about CDMA Business Model: Traffic Safety Program, please   click here.

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