A Shoulder to Lean On: Why Support Systems Are Beneficial

Push Forward

Many plans that people once had has fully come to a stop. Ideas that sparked were quickly put out because of social distancing restrictions. Overall morale and motivation to accomplish goals have withered away. Through all of our hardships, there’s one significant difference between those who overcome and those who don’t. A support system with people who care about your social and mental well being. When you do feel like falling, the people behind you are there to pick you back up and guide you in the right direction. 

Those Who Stand By You

Whether your support system includes family, friends, or mentors, they’re there when life lets you down. When you finally do reach those goals, you understand that without those people to advise you. Whether it’s emotional, instrumental, informational, and appraisal support, they all are essential to moving forward. When you can’t process things on your own, the support system is there to counsel you. Sometimes people get in over there heads so that honest feedback can fast-track any idea that may be going in the wrong direction. Furthermore, support systems create a safe environment for constructive criticism and emotional support. With those people behind you, you’re able to move much further in half the time. 

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

What We Do

CDMA Business Model offers many supports for entrepreneurship, book publishing, and even music + broadcasting. Building foundations for students, teachers, aspiring business owners, and anyone in between to reach their future goals. Our support system is unique because it’s available to all age ranges. We encourage youth entrepreneurship and support young people dreaming big. CDMA Business Model believes in bridging the alliance between corporate America and Youth through Applied Learning, Career, and College Readiness. Doing that requires a stable support system, so we provide that support for any dream, big or small. To learn more about how CDMA Business Model supports youth, visit The Model – CDMA Business Model

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