Communicate with Your Audience by Creating a Podcast

For Immediate Release July 15, 2020

Washington, DC – Did you and your friends ever jokingly agree to make a podcast? Are you thinking about seriously creating one? Whether you want to make a self-help or social justice podcast, CDMA Business Model’s Create an Audio Podcast Course can help you get started. The popularity of podcasts is steadily increasing. According to Forbes , 62 million Americans listen to podcasts each week. Podcasts is an informative medium that is more intimate than the short form of social media platforms allowing you to really connect with your audience. Starting your own podcast is a lot simpler than you think. The Create an Audio Podcast course by CDMA Business Model empowers you to easily create content and publish online. By taking this course, you will be able to quickly build on concepts and even launch your own with examples from CDMA Business Model: Visual Arts Strand. For more information on the CDMA Business Model or to access the Create an Audio Podcast course , please visit . For now, here’s a few quick tips for independent podcasters: 1. Never stop networking. You never know who will lead you to top opportunities. 2. Establish your brand. 3. Promote yourself constantly. Social media is one of your greatest tools. 4. Record multiple episodes ahead of time.


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