MsCclass Online Teaching Podcast

For Immediate Release July 15, 2020

Washington, DC – Are you an educator trying to figure out how to make teaching online more engaging due to the current pandemic? CDMA Business Model’s MsCclass Online Teaching Podcast will help you navigate the world of virtual learning. As of July 15, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced DC schools will reopen in the fall using a hybrid of in-person and online learning. Trying to navigate how to prepare for the upcoming school year can be both scary and confusing. MsCclass Online Teaching Podcast focuses on how branding impacts urban schools while making real world connections. The goal of this podcast is to help you with creative lesson planning, digital instruction, and getting excellent results while the face of education is shifting. You will hear from parents, students, and educators on this podcast about distance learning and both its benefits and impact on education. For more information on the CDMA Business Model or to access MsCclass Online Teaching Podcast , please visit . The podcast is also available on iHeart Radio, Spotify and Apple.


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