As seen on a live episode of WUSA9 Great Day Washington, Staples Corporate surprised Shanette with a grant and extended over $100,000 to all District of Columbia Public Schools Teachers for projects that follow the model example for innovative instruction. During the initial phase of the Pandemic, Shanette’s well-renowned course was featured on “Learning Doesn’t Stop: Lessons On TV”, an initiative by the Washington Teachers Union and FOX Plus, and DKN Cable TV “Learning at Home” during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic to provide alternative virtual education for students without computers despite strident conditions. In her recent interview on CBS, NBC and FOX, she states “What we do in this moment shapes our reality and society as a whole.”Shanette’s latest book entitled “Preparing Students for the Real World” is designed to empower educators with solutions to launch student run enterprises, and innovative project based learning simulations.

As the Founder of CDMA Business Model, Shanette has infused her success from various industries such as radio, academic and consulting into real world programming to assist the education industry with transcending the learning process by building dreams one heart at a time.

CDMA Business Model: Book Publishing Program includes real authors of all ages who published books and includes its latest poets Miajah Spriggs and Tiffany Gillis. CDMA Business Model Workshops provided innovative programming solutions to Safe Routes Partnership and Camp Diva which is a division of Girls for Change. CDMA Business Model: Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall reflective authentic apparel line, podcast and overall transportation program makes the learning experience enjoyable by integrating Digital Art Technology, Business Marketing & Advertising into curricula to support Core Subjects and Special Education. In February 2020, Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall was hosted at Project Create in SouthEast DC prior to the closing of schools due to Covid-19. CDMA Business Model worked collaboratively to provide marketing, advertising and social advocacy jobs for MBSYEP while also hosting a virtual Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall featuring DC Department of Transportation and Montgomery County Department of Transportation. Summer 2021, Youth Traffic Safety Town Hall highlighted a Garfield ES Enrollment Fair and expanded its activities to include a built out obstacle course for bike riding.

Shanette’s presentation at the Vision Zero Summit entitled “The Frontlines of Traffic Safety: Youth Engagement and Real-World Implementation…” and “Building Our Future: Engaging and Empowering Youth in Vision Zero” webinar for the Vision Zero Network shared ways to encourage collaboration among youth in regards to traffic safety concerns throughout communities.

Shanette is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Adobe Creative Educator. She has also earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Administration and Masters of Education from Virginia State University. By age 16, she earned Advanced College Credits from Vassar College.

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