Music to My Ears: How Music Can Help In Many Ways

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Something Different

It’s probably safe to assume that in these four months of quarantine you’ve plowed through plenty of DIY projects and streaming platforms. Everyone in the house is getting antsy, and your number of solutions may be depleted. An option that you may not have thought of is music. Not simply listening to music but learning to play music. Learning to play an instrument can be beneficial to needing a time-killing hobby.

Solve Problems With Music

Giving someone a new flute or saxophone to practice will do more than occupy their attention. Learning how to play an instrument can help with brain development as well. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument utilizes both sides of the brain and helps develop new, stronger neural pathways. The benefits don’t end there, playing and learning can yield a heap of other perks: improved memory skills, improved hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills, improved listening skills, improved math skills, improved reading and comprehension skills, improved auditory skills.

Space to Create

If you have a child, it’s vital to let the child choose their instrument and type of music they want to play. They don’t care about any of the cognitive benefits; they just want to have fun. It’s necessary to empower all the kid’s creative ventures for them to thrive. Created a spot dedicated to practicing their instrument. Make sure the room is private. Space also has to be clear of clutter and quiet. If the child’s music ambitions are natured properly, the results could surpass the already present benefits. Music is a great way to socialize and express someone’s individuality. Just remember to buy a good pair of headphones while you’re at it.

What We Do

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