The Young & Ambitious: Evan Moana

Highlighting Youth

CDMA Business Model prides itself on providing the youth with the necessary skills they need to succeed in the professional workplace. Through workshops, modules, and a slew of other teaching tools, those working under CDMA Business Model will learn how the best practices to launch and manage their businesses. CDMA Business Model also knows that some young teens respond better from being taught by a peer, so from now on we are going to post young entrepreneurs, so they can get their deserved shine, while at the same time inspire the youth.

Photo by  Christian Wiediger  on  Unsplash

Evan Moana – EvanTubeHD YouTube Channel

It may be the weirdest thing ever, but kids love watching other kids play with toys. Some scientists believe that it’s activating a reward and excitement component of their brain, changing the chemical aspect of their brains during. Much like when kids are opening the gifts themselves and that excitement associated with it. Evan Moana became Youtube’s youngest millionaire in 2016 because of this. Evan and his sister, Jillian, now have entertained 6 million YouTube subscribers since their page was created back when Evan was in the fourth grade reviewing toys. Evan and his sister do food challenges and from time to time as well. Evan, who is currently 14, stars in two other YouTube channels called EvanTubeRAW and EvanTubeGaming. EvanTubeHD has received more than 4.1 billion views. All the money Evan and Jillian make is invested and put into college funds for them to have when they get older.

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